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Axler Designs was founded in 2005 by Marc Axler for the sole purpose of providing web-based solutions to small and mid-sized companies.  Marc has over 20 years of software development consulting and management experience, including the Department of Defense, the pharmaceutical industry, supply chain distribution, and mortgage lending.  Recently, Marc was responsible for planning, staffing, and managing the development of a web-based mortgage sales application.

With this experience under his belt, Marc is now realizing his dream of providing low-cost, highly-stylized web design solutions to those companies that have wanted to get on-line but until now thought the price tag to be excessive. The fact is that it has never been more affordable to have your own web presence.

Is it worth it?

In 2006, online retail sales rose 29 percent to about $146.4 billion, excluding travel, representing 6 percent of overall retail sales in 2006.1  As an advertising tool, the Internet is also becoming a preferred media source. According to Business Week, experts project that by 2008, online advertising will surpass radio in percentage share of advertising dollars nationwide.2

Clearly, the Internet is here to stay.