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CLIENT: Fine Cabinetry

BUSINESS NEED: Fine Cabinetry delivers cabinetry installations for the home or business.  The need was for a Company Profile website complete with images of their installation styles, Google map pinpointing the showroom location, and a kitchen planning guide.  As was the case for all Axler Designs sites, search engine optimization was a need.

DESIGN: The design consisted of a Flash-based image gallery, a Google Maps plug-in on the Showroom page including step-by-step driving directions, and an embedded PDF for the planning guide that viewers can print.  Fine Cabinetry also created a Sponsored Link entry and Google Adwords to enhance their search engine needs.

CLIENT: VIP Personal Training

BUSINESS NEED: Brian Reed is a certified personal trainer who had opened his own business. He needed a Company Profile website that highlighted his personal credentials, the services he provided, his business location, and client testimonials. He had hired a marketing and advertising consultant, so he already had color and graphics in mind for the website that was consistent with his overall marketing scheme.

DESIGN: The design consisted of an eye-catching Flash-based home page with Flash navigation on every page. Also included on the Location Info page is a plug-in to Google Maps and step-by-step driving directions.

CLIENT: The Land Crew

BUSINESS NEED: The Land Crew is a “complete lawn care solution,” providing hardscaping (patios, walls, driveways, etc.), landscaping, and irrigation systems. Featured in this Company Profile site is the extensive image gallery.

DESIGN: The banner is a short Adobe Flash slideshow highlighting three of the Land Crew’s finished projects. Also, the image gallery uses Flash, so that image transitions fade in and out. There is also a Contact Us page with an on-line form for filling out and submitting comments and requests from prospective customers.

CLIENT: Plasma Services Group

BUSINESS NEED: Plasma Services Group is a company that supplies plasma (blood) related products to hospitals and medical centers.  The company website was in need of a more professional design as well as a restructuring of text and graphical content into a more logical and user-friendly format. In addition, the company needed a simple way of updating the two most dynamic pages: a monthly inventory listing page, and a blog-like FAQ page for the president to directly answer customers’ questions.

DESIGN: This Company Profile site consists of a simple graphics banner with a vertical text hyperlink menu structure. A database of inventory and blog entries was created to support the dynamic pages. For the president and his assistants to maintain the data, admin pages were created. Because the inventory data is entered once a month, and mostly is a complete replacement of the previous listing, a utility was created to upload the data en masse from a text file.