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Below are the most common web solutions that Axler Designs provides.  Each project is customized to your specific requirements.  Therefore, your needs may not fall neatly into these categories.  Click on a tab below for more details:


Brochure Websites

A brochure website normally contains enough information about a company that the viewer can determine if their needs can be well-served by what it has to offer. is an example of a brochure website. Most often, these sites consist of the following pages:

Company Information – background/history of the company; a high-level overview of the products and services it offers;

Products and/or Services – a detailed account of the products and/or services the company offers. Pricing information is rarely, if ever, mentioned (see e-Commerce);

Testimonials – provide credence to your work with first-hand praise from your customers;

Image Gallery – useful for providing a visual account of the products being offered;

Contact Information – sometimes bundled with the Company Information page, this page consists of the address, phone #s and emails of the main points of contact. Often, there is an on-line form for the prospective customer to elicit more information.

E-Commerce Websites

These sites will contain most of the elements of a company profile website, but it will also contain a complete and comprehensive list of inventory items, with updated pricing.  Axler Designs provides the means with which shoppers can select items, add them to a shopping cart, and using a secured interface, place the order with a credit card.

Supported shopping cart systems: osCommerce, PayPal, Agora

As is the case with any web design project, these sites are completely customizable to fit your needs.  For example, you may want to specify a monthly sale, free shipping, or a coupon redeemable if customers have the correct code number.

Along with this interface, Axler Designs would also develop an inventory administration utility for the site owner.  With secured access, the site owner can update inventory items and pricing at will.

Full Web Application Solutions

This is your complete data transaction and reporting processing system, often used internally within your organization for handling a full suite of business functions. Axler Designs will work tirelessly with you to obtain your detailed needs and specifications before any development starts; including business process management, needs analysis, functional requirements gathering, and detailed design specifications gathering.

Generally, the full life-cycle of this development effort takes longer than the smaller text and graphics web sites. Therefore, Axler Designs provides a detailed project plan with milestones clearly outlined and communicated.  Axler Designs will ensure that development tasks are proceeding as planned.